About Hôtels de Charme & de Caractère

From Jacques Barthélémy, President of Hotels Charme & Caractere.....................

"The ‘Hotel de Charme et Caractere’ group sets the standard if you are looking for hotels which offer a unique blend of distinctive architecture, authenticity and soul.

All our properties have been selected as they offer the personal touch of a guest house but with the services typically found in the best hotels.

Through our website you will discover a wide range of beautiful and individual boutique hotels, located in over 40 countries.

Take your pick from a traditional inn, a castle, a farmstead, a designer house, a historic property, a lodge, a manor, a former post office or a townhouse. Choose between the countryside or the town, the mountains or the sea.

Wherever you stay, regardless of hotel rating, we guarantee a level of excellence in terms of customer service. Our members are dedicated to ensuring guests receive a warm welcome and have all the tailored information needed in order to truly live their dreams. All our hotels are tastefully decorated, each room is unique and every detailed considered to add to our guests satisfaction.

It is becausewe want the best for youand we are totally transparent that we analyze in real time all the opinions of customers on all the portals, in all the countries of the world and concerning all our establishments . We display with transparency and prideour updated global quality index.

You will also find on each page dedicated to our members, their own quality index coming from the analysis of all the sites of opinion of the customers.

Furthermore, guests can enjoy some of the finest regional cuisine as many of our restaurants are featured in the best culinary guides.

The satisfaction we take in providing quality services, our dedication to customer happiness and the pride we have in our properties will all contribute to making your stay a unique and memorable experience."

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Hôtels de Charme & de Caractère